fredag 17. oktober 2008

TDD er ikke testing!

Pga sitt noe uheldige navn, blir ofte TDD - Test Driven Development, misforstått som testing. Men egentlig er det en designteknikk.

Som Jeff Patton beskriver her:
Test-Driven Development Isn’t Testing

For a few years I've been using unit testing frameworks and test-driven development and encouraging others to do the same. The common predictable objections are "Writing unit tests takes too much time," or "How could I write tests first if I don’t know what it does yet?" And then there's the popular excuse: "Unit tests won't catch all the bugs." The sad misconception is that test-driven development is testing, which is understandable given the unfortunate name of the technique.

Kommentarene er også verdt å lese.

I'm sure there's a way to write unit tests that really "shine a light into every corner of the room." In practice, I haven't observed it.

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